Co-create with us this 24-hour Synergy Mapping Hackathon to Engage and Activate the Emergent potential of Collective intelligence through mapping

Oct 16, 2021

0 h

What can we learn form the distinct set of maps revealing our reality?

Can maps become more interoperable?

What is the theory of change behind the different maps?

Can maps foster improbable collaboration?

Maps are not the territory, but they have been indispensable tools to help us make sense of the worlds of complexity. They are also knowledge coming alive and can reveal the beauty of the complex and invisible. Synergy Mapping Hackathon is built on the idea that gathering a diversity of maps and mappers in a single event, bringing their own projects and innovations could expand our understanding of mapping initiatives and ultimately build coherence and synergy across the efforts. Explore different types of maps, share your own mapping work, connect with other mappers, create mapping teams and put your projects on the map right on the spot.