evolving our institutions


As our mindset evolves so must we evolve our institutions and societal frames of reference.

“All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy.”
- Samantha Power

key areas

advocacy priorities

Our experiences chalenges informs our advocacy

Shifting paradigms and mindsets needs to be followed with shifts of culture, law, governance and societal structures.


Governance & Community

Expand the possibilities of democratic participation, community engagement and societal governance.



Influencing legal frameworks towards a regenerative understanding, giving voice to all living beings.



Exploring DiFi technologies, proposing new financial instruments, currency designs, economical models to align the economical interests with regeneration and life.



Honouring ancient wisdom and legacy while transforming cultures towards regeneration and in support of life and inclusion

Advocacy iniciatives

Land Stewards or Guardians

Land Stewardship conveys a relationship of caring and regenerating the land. This expands the responsibilities of ownership as defined today.

Recognisant of the steward role and its responsibilities should supersede ownership rights.

We are committed to pursue such evolution.

Land Trust protecting the land for future generations

In many countries, as it is the case of Portugal, the figure of a Land Trust does not exist.

Defining a legal structure, viable for multiple generations, design to protect land is a mandatory step.

Such structure should have a fiscal framing that takes into account the benefits of land regeneration.

We are committed to advocate for such such structures as evolve forms of land regeneration, preservation and conservation.

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