the flow of values for a regenerative abundant society

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
- margaret mead



There seems to be a disconnection between what most people consider to be the deeper values of life and the values that drive our economic system today.

Could we integrate efforts for a more distributive and creative system?

Could we connect life values and economy?
“Don’t wait for economic growth to reduce inequality—because it won’t. Instead, create an economy that is distributive by design.”
- Kate Raworth

what do we do

a laboratory

We learn through action, informed by powerful questions

"Given half a chance, or less, life will grow and exist and evolve anywhere, even in the most inhospitable and unlikely of places"
- Steven Hall



Our action research lab aims to pose pertinent questions that challenge the status quo while promoting discovery journeys that broaden our understanding of the world.


Sense & Actualise

We are committed to exploring "what if..." scenarios that deepen our understanding of the world and in the process spark societal transformation



We can only truly learn by doing. Experiences result in concrete actions, solutions, proposals, projects.

Running Experiments

Our Mission: to develop, implement and sustain concrete experiences, shifting economic principles into alignment with life and human centred values.

Strong Advocacy and influence

We aim to become strong advocates for the evolution of the legal, fiscal and regulatory frameworks, leveraging on the learnings of the experiments.

Rigours Science and Methods

We are conducting rigorous research and impact measurements to build a strong case for evolving experiences into mainstream solutions.
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“You cannot understand a system unless you change it. You cannot change a system unless you transform consciousness. You cannot transform consciousness unless you can make a system see and sense itself.”
- Otto Sharmer


Global& multicultural

Committed explorers of new possibilities

Rebecca Saltman
Reciprocity Weaver
Rebecca Saltman is a writer, earth empath, visionary of change, and rabble-rouser for good whose purpose is to help establish a world that is equitably distributed and where all women are seen, heard, and believed. Twenty-two years ago, Rebecca founded a social entrepreneurial and media justice organization that bridges the needs of business, government, nonprofits, academia, and media to redefine systems that no longer serve the collective. She describes her work as seeing past today to the opportunities of tomorrow; trusting in a better future so hard that it becomes possible; weaving vision, connection, and healing the system on every level.
* Reciprocity * Empathy *
Tiago Piscarreta
Legal Advisor
A minha intenção é participar e saber como participar numa sociedade centrada na nos valores da ecologia, gerar aceitação e entendimento das nossas imperfeições como caminho para aprofundar o conhecimento partilhado
Nascido em Lisboa, crescido no Algarve entre o mar e o campo, num ambiente de liberdade e de multiculturalismo. Cursei Direito em Lisboa e Coimbra, Portugal e em Fribourg, Suiça, e Gestão em Lisboa, exercendo advocacia há 20 anos. Entendendo crescentemente a necessidade de ruptura de paradigmas cristalizados em conceitos legais que urge transformar e regenerar.
* Ética * Verdade * Coragem * Transparência * Partilha *
Rui Nunes
Regenerative Systems Designer
My focus is to design and promote sustainable and equitable systems between the Biosphere and the Technosphere.
From an early age, questions like, "Why do elephants have trunks?" or, "How trees grow that tall?", have been part of my restlessness to understand more about the world. Becoming a designer was just a consequence of this endless curiosity. My connection to nature comes from those times, and I am happy to have combined my passions in connecting Design with Nature, finding solutions that work positively for both. With a Masters degree in Industrial Design, followed by a path in permaculture and regenerative agriculture, I interpret the landscape and ecological systems so that they can evolve in harmony with human activity.
* Empowerment * Trust * Persistence * Innovation * Teamwork
Paulo de Carvalho
President and Weaver
Regenerate Value Flows bringing forward the most beautiful world our hearts know possible
Studied Computer Science, Organizational Design and Engineering. Lived inside Big Corporations for 21 Years. Lead international transformational programs deploying automation and artificial intelligence solutions. Fascinated with the arts of gathering, dialog, transformation, systemic thinking, change, decision making, search for purpose and meaning, Joy and collaboration. Engage in unfolding Value Flows supportive of all life in our beautiful planet.
* Humbleness * Inclusion * Courage * Community * Stewardship *
Telma Gomes
Director and Connector
Be part of this community of Change Makers to co-create and invite others to walk this path of reconnecting people, purpose, and planet.
The aspiration to be part of a paradigm shift towards a flourishing, just and regenerative society, with no one left behind is what moves me. Co-founder & CEO of SEEDS for Sustainability, originally from Brazil, lived in Sweden for 9 years where I got the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (BTH). Based in Porto, Portugal since Aug 2019. Worked twenty+ years in large multinational corporations, and also in public administration as the Secretariat of Institutional Relations in Brazil.
* Love * Openness * Cooperation * Sustainability * Courage *
“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”
- Hellen Keller



Building a strong ecology

“The basic pattern of life is a network. Whenever you see life, you see networks. The whole planet, what we can term 'Gaia' is a network of processes involving feedback loops. Humans are part of the larger whole, Gaia.”
- Fritjof capra


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