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The Calling

To overcome the environmental and social challenges we are facing as humanity, we know it is imperative to unite hands, minds and hearts to support the development of new ways of living on the planet - with courage, humility and willingness to understand and implement some deep changes in our cultural and economic models. Engaged to contribute in this purpose, Value Flow, Seeds for Sustainability, I4F and SEEDS join efforts to co-found and host a cooperative initiative along with several partners, designed tofoster the evolution of an new entrepreneurship movement, guided by principles of an inclusive and life-oriented economy, "glocal" (global + local), regenerative and distributive.

The Legacy Hub

Connecting entrepreneurs, investors, government and communities, the Legacy HUB works to promote systemic investment and offers enabling and strengthening programs for businesses with high potential for social transformation and shared value.
A collaborative space, community and exploratory lab where social innovators and change makers find support for their endeavours towards a regenerative and inclusive future.

Our Aim

To foster a regenerative and distributive economy in Portugal and partner cities based on a Glocal (Global+Local) and systemic approach, finding leverage points in the real economy in order to improve the capacity of creating and sharing multiple forms of value.


Work in progress

Research Questions

Can can Businesses be driven by the idea of "Legacy"?

The dimensions of "Legacy" can be seen in the two time directions of past and future.

What if a business could honour its history, place and cultural past?

The benefits could be incredible as the business would tap into an uniqueness distinctive set of characteristics

What if a business could thing in a very log term, and focus on a legacy that its members would be proud of?

For today's businesses, thinking very long therm is almost impossible, yet leaving a legacy is undoubtedly is both an aspiration and success driving force.

Can we shift the financial flows from single businesses and invest in systems?

Can we design for network systemic investments, distributive and circular by design?

The present beliefs are still focus on the entrepreneur journey.The financial inefficiencies of this focus are tremendous:

  • 4 out of 10 business fail after 3 year according to eurostat
  • 9 out of 10 Startups Fail (Forbs)
  • The "consortium" approach has been used but is not systemic by design.

A system, can be much more resilient failure and better equipped for learning.

Research Questions

Work in progress

Key Concepts

The Legacy Hub is driven by the combination of 4 CORE CONCEPTS that defines our work and shapes the kind of support we provide

1. Legacy Entrepreneurship

Legacy is relating the past, the present and the future. It refers to the potential elements of a long-term Unique Value Creation, and to the way we integrate it in a systemic perspective: self, palce, coomunity.  The tangible and intangible heritage from our place and ancestors is part of our unique presence today. In the same way, our actions in the present moment defines the legacy we will leave for future generations. It is to design business that make real sense.

2. Network Investment

For us, the power of a network goes beyond its capacity of sharing information, wisdom and knowledge. We believe in the potential of a network of entrepreneurs, projects,  businesses and community to provide wider, longer, fairer and more consistent return on investments. We look for and also promote synergies and joint capacities to generate and share value, that goes way beyond the monetary return in multiple forms of capital.

3. Rigorous Science & Measurements

Trust is a key and precious value. The processess need to be anchored in transparency, scientific rigor, data analysis and measurements. Curious Inquiry & Sensemaking; Living Systems: Nature as our greater teacher; Future Cartographies with the awareness that “the map is not the territory" and models are not the reality.

4. Cognitive & Nervous System Technology

Bridging ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. Digital technology combined with human qualities to allow us design social & economic interactions. We focus three areas: Artificial Intelligence at the service of Collaboration; Internet of Things + Human Sensing; Web 3.0: DiFi as a new way of Sharing Value, Responsibility, and Decision-making (governance).

Key Concepts

Work in progress



Work in progress



Work in progress

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