Anja Henckel

Art and Nature Weaver


Anja Henckel has a background in history, art, cultural studies, communication and tourism. Before co-founding the art project space Import Projects in Berlin, she worked as a communication and project developer at Ikono TV, a TV channel for arts and culture and project manager of TBA21, Vienna, Austria by. She organised freelance cultural education tours in Europe and art, architecture and (beautiful) business insider tours in Berlin. Her professional portfolio is multifaceted. Anja has coorganised the Antarctic Pavilion in Venice, Italy as well as knowledge exchange and partnership projects between the Reykjavík Academy of Arts, Iceland and the Cycle Music & Art Festival in Kopavogur, Iceland. She currently resides in Portugal developing educational exchange and fellowship programs and funding strategies for the reforestation project 'Jardim do Mira' and the 'Guardiões do Mira' and actively participates in regional citizen movements like the 'Aliança pela Agua' and the 'Mercado Mira'.


* Regenration * Inclusion * Diversity * Compassion * Courage *
To engage with a group of interdisciplinary problem solvers and support the co-creation process to move regenerative intentions into action.

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