Katharina Serafimova

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Katharina Serafimova is a social entrepreneur, initiator and co-creator of transformational initiatives. She has many years of experience in international project development. Katharina worked as Head of Renewable Ressources at a Swiss consulting company, as Head Sustainability at a Swiss Private Bank and as senior advisor sustainable finance for WWF. Since 2014 she is lecturing at the Institute for Banking and Finance, University of Zurich. She is co-founder of www.foodnetworks.ch. Since 2017, she supports and co-creates the regional regeneration and food network initiative Terra in Mértola / Portugal. Since 2020 she is founding member of the initiative https://www.regenerateforum.org.


* Community * Nature * Relationship * Local resilience * Freedom *
My intention is to co-create conditions that enable people to be free and to re-connect money, nature and community.

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