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Committed explorers of new possibilities

““Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.””
- Margaret mead
Rebecca Saltman
Reciprocity Weaver
Rebecca Saltman is a writer, earth empath, visionary of change, and rabble-rouser for good whose purpose is to help establish a world that is equitably distributed and where all women are seen, heard, and believed. Twenty-two years ago, Rebecca founded a social entrepreneurial and media justice organization that bridges the needs of business, government, nonprofits, academia, and media to redefine systems that no longer serve the collective. She describes her work as seeing past today to the opportunities of tomorrow; trusting in a better future so hard that it becomes possible; weaving vision, connection, and healing the system on every level.
* Reciprocity * Empathy *
Anja Henckel
Art and Nature Weaver
To engage with a group of interdisciplinary problem solvers and support the co-creation process to move regenerative intentions into action.
Anja Henckel has a background in history, art, cultural studies, communication and tourism. Before co-founding the art project space Import Projects in Berlin, she worked as a communication and project developer at Ikono TV, a TV channel for arts and culture and project manager of TBA21, Vienna, Austria by. She organised freelance cultural education tours in Europe and art, architecture and (beautiful) business insider tours in Berlin. Her professional portfolio is multifaceted. Anja has coorganised the Antarctic Pavilion in Venice, Italy as well as knowledge exchange and partnership projects between the Reykjavík Academy of Arts, Iceland and the Cycle Music & Art Festival in Kopavogur, Iceland. She currently resides in Portugal developing educational exchange and fellowship programs and funding strategies for the reforestation project 'Jardim do Mira' and the 'Guardiões do Mira' and actively participates in regional citizen movements like the 'Aliança pela Agua' and the 'Mercado Mira'.
* Regenration * Inclusion * Diversity * Compassion * Courage *
Fabio Borges
Regenerative Fund Explorer
Minha intenção em participar do Value Flow é contribuir para a investigação e disseminação de novas formas de pensar e agir nos âmbitos social, econômico e ambiental, tendo a lógica regenerativa e distributiva como base. Tenho particular interesse em explorar novas formas de se criar e fazer negócios, a partir dessa logica regenerativa e distributiva.
I am entrepreneur and business advisor engaged on building a more conscious and responsible way of living on the planet. After many years working for big corporations, I started my journey as entrepreneur back in 2007. I have been acting as board member, angel investor and independent consultant/advisor for companies, startups, social businesses and not-for-profit organizations in Brazil, Canada and Europe. My current focus is to help entrepreneurs and their endeavors to thrive while we design together a new regenerative and distributive way of doing business. My academic background is Marketing and Business Management with an international MBA degree at IESE Business School (Spain) and several other short courses certificates focused on entrepreneurship, regenerative development, transformative innovation, design for sustainability.
* Transparência * Colaboração * Auto-Responsabilidade * Ética * Respeito *
Jeronimo Souza
Curators Council Director
Redirect capital flows towards more sustainable economic activities and help social entrepreneurs to finance their projects
Over the last 20 years, I have developed my career in financial services, mostly in the City of London. As a former regulator within the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), I was the lead supervisor to two large asset managers in the UK. Previously, I have developed and implemented risk management frameworks across retail, private and investment banking sectors. I hold a BA in Chemical Engineering from University of Campinas (Brazil) and a MSc in International Banking from University of Southampton (UK). I am particularly interested in sustainable finance, risk culture, and in the impact of cognitive biases on decision making.
* Passion * Fairness * Dignity * Courage * Innovation *
Alan Laubsch
Advisory Council
Alan is an international leader in risk management and an impact investor. His mission is to protect life and regenerate planetary ecosystems by promoting the growth of a Positive Economy that integrates living nature into global accounting systems. Alan is a co-founder of EarthPulse, a brain (and heart) that empowers everyone who protects Nature with exponential technologies. He was previously a pioneer in the creation of a Swiss digital currency, built on blockchain and supported by carbon and forestry Lykke AG.
* Regeneration *
Paulo de Carvalho
President and Weaver
Regenerate Value Flows bringing forward the most beautiful world our hearts know possible
Studied Computer Science, Organizational Design and Engineering. Lived inside Big Corporations for 21 Years. Lead international transformational programs deploying automation and artificial intelligence solutions. Fascinated with the arts of gathering, dialog, transformation, systemic thinking, change, decision making, search for purpose and meaning, Joy and collaboration. Engage in unfolding Value Flows supportive of all life in our beautiful planet.
* Humbleness * Inclusion * Courage * Community * Stewardship *
Livia Tirone
Advisory Council
Every value trans-action in society adds profit to the values the community selected consensually
Innovator, pioneer, architect, promoter, consultant, moderator, writer, editor – mother of two - exploring a full, fun, healthy life. A believer in perpetual learning and walking the talk of her passion and purpose. Passionate about unraveling the potential of Renewable Prosperity in the Mediterranean Region - contributing to a society where everyone has access to what they need to live a life with dignity and leisure, where all resources are renewable.
* Humble * Renewable * Caring * Interdependent * Curious *
Franz Josef Allmayer
Advisory Council
To embrace an integral approach to development that effectively provides value towards the whole.
Franz Josef is a universal citizen with cultural roots between Austria and Guatemala. These contrasting yet complementary perspectives allowed him to question existing cultural paradigms built on scarcity from an early age. Dedication to the fields of innovation and global development has enabled Franz to gather transdisciplinary experience embrace an integral approach to development that effectively provides value towards the whole system. In recognition of the need to unite fragmented efforts towards a cocreative development process that effectively addresses the challenges of today, motivates Franz to create the tools, processes, and on the ground collaborations to support the development of bioregional economies of abundance
* Integrity * Unit * Diversity * Sovereignty * Adventure *
Rui Nunes
Regenerative Systems Designer
My focus is to design and promote sustainable and equitable systems between the Biosphere and the Technosphere.
From an early age, questions like, "Why do elephants have trunks?" or, "How trees grow that tall?", have been part of my restlessness to understand more about the world. Becoming a designer was just a consequence of this endless curiosity. My connection to nature comes from those times, and I am happy to have combined my passions in connecting Design with Nature, finding solutions that work positively for both. With a Masters degree in Industrial Design, followed by a path in permaculture and regenerative agriculture, I interpret the landscape and ecological systems so that they can evolve in harmony with human activity.
* Empowerment * Trust * Persistence * Innovation * Teamwork
Tiago Piscarreta
Legal Advisor
A minha intenção é participar e saber como participar numa sociedade centrada na nos valores da ecologia, gerar aceitação e entendimento das nossas imperfeições como caminho para aprofundar o conhecimento partilhado
Nascido em Lisboa, crescido no Algarve entre o mar e o campo, num ambiente de liberdade e de multiculturalismo. Cursei Direito em Lisboa e Coimbra, Portugal e em Fribourg, Suiça, e Gestão em Lisboa, exercendo advocacia há 20 anos. Entendendo crescentemente a necessidade de ruptura de paradigmas cristalizados em conceitos legais que urge transformar e regenerar.
* Ética * Verdade * Coragem * Transparência * Partilha *
Óscar Gracia
Intern Researcher
I intend my actions to build an ecological society where dignity, care, justice and peace are pillars of our community.
Born in Zaragoza, Spain, and educated in the French lycée, I grew up in an open environment focused on the transmission of human values, deeply connected to nature. Having learned several languages, I decided to continue my studies with a degree in political science at Sciences Po that would allow me to better understand how the world works in order to improve it. Majoring in economics and sociology, I came from France to Portugal in the last year of my degree, and after this internship I am going back to Paris to study a master's degree in governance of ecological urbanism. I hope to continue working for many years to regenerate the connections between nature and people, building fairer and more respectful cities and societies.
* Diversity * Hope * Responsibility * Openness * Freedom *
Mila Aliana
Strategic Wisdom Weaver
To re-member a natural way of being where life and nature co-creates value to serve all life beings, and circulate in abundance in the natural lifecycle of death and birth.
Mila is a senior consultant with a wealth of commercial acumen and expertise in diverse industries, sectors and cultures. She navigates within diverse ecosystems of multiple actors, co-experimenting social innovations and transformational experiential initiatives, essentially to co-experiment together on remembering ‘We as Nature’ and our original instructions as Guardians of Life.
* Faith * Love (Care) * Beauty * Creativity * Learning *
Gabriel Ludovice Simões
General Assembly President
Contribuir para a Regeneração do Planeta
Nas quatro décadas da sua vida profissional ao serviço do mundo corporativo multinacional, passou por funções ligadas à área comercial, à financeira, à logística e às organizações ligadas à Economia Social. A vontade de aprofundar os meandros da Vida, fê-lo apreciá-la no seu ambiente natural, mão na terra, "olho no olho" com todos os seres vivos que compõem o meio natural. Assim, no presente, as paixões do Gabriel, dividem-se entre ser Guardião de um terreno no qual está a criar uma agrofloresta, correspondendo ao apelo que sente em contribuir para a Regeneração do Planeta, e na Bambual Editora Portugal, contribuindo de modo Regenerativo e co-criativo, para a polinização das pessoas e fertilização das comunidades, através dos livros.
* Regeneration *
Katharina Serafimova
Experience Designer
My intention is to co-create conditions that enable people to be free and to re-connect money, nature and community.
Katharina Serafimova is a social entrepreneur, initiator and co-creator of transformational initiatives. She has many years of experience in international project development. Katharina worked as Head of Renewable Ressources at a Swiss consulting company, as Head Sustainability at a Swiss Private Bank and as senior advisor sustainable finance for WWF. Since 2014 she is lecturing at the Institute for Banking and Finance, University of Zurich. She is co-founder of Since 2017, she supports and co-creates the regional regeneration and food network initiative Terra in Mértola / Portugal. Since 2020 she is founding member of the initiative
* Community * Nature * Relationship * Local resilience * Freedom *
Jefferson Sofarelli
Director and Tech Magician
Evaluate, support, research and develop projects and technologies focused on changing the way people interact with money and with others in different social contexts.
Software Engineer and Internet Activist, enthusiast of decentralised technologies like Self Sovereign Identities, Blockchains and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations. Specially interested in data privacy, local currencies, crypto currencies, food networks, circular economy, Doughnut economics, Universal Basic Income and other innovative monetary models.
* Equality * Freedom * Sovereignty * Resilience * Flexibility *
Experience Designer
I want to be part and in service of the regeneration network in central Portugal. For me, regeneration is about restoring 3 important connections for humanity, between humans and humans, between humans and nature, and between humans and our food. I like to learn, to share, and to learn by sharing.
I have a background in permaculture and cryptocurrency. In my early twenties, I was part of the anti-capitalist movement until I discovered I could also be the change I want to see in this world. This insight pushed me in a radically different direction. By inspiration, I landed on the southside of the Gardunha in central Portugal. I love to travel and treasure a connection to south India in specific. My interests in ValueFlow are stewardship and currency design.
* resilience * novelty * clarity * compassion *authenticity *
Telma Gomes
Director and Connector
Be part of this community of Change Makers to co-create and invite others to walk this path of reconnecting people, purpose, and planet.
The aspiration to be part of a paradigm shift towards a flourishing, just and regenerative society, with no one left behind is what moves me. Co-founder & CEO of SEEDS for Sustainability, originally from Brazil, lived in Sweden for 9 years where I got the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (BTH). Based in Porto, Portugal since Aug 2019. Worked twenty+ years in large multinational corporations, and also in public administration as the Secretariat of Institutional Relations in Brazil.
* Love * Openness * Cooperation * Sustainability * Courage *
Alex MacDonald
Curators Council Director
My intention is to leave this world not less but more beautiful than I found it. - ephebic oath, Ancient Greece, circa 4BC
Alex MacDonald is a consultant in social and environmental sustainability with a focus on the food sector and community empowerment. He was previously a London-based financial journalist for the Wall Street Journal and NY-based investment banker at VB&P. He is currently involved in Portugal's first grass-roots Food Manifesto via Rebundance, an organization dedicated to societal transformation by shifting mindsets through creative leadership and community empowerment programs. His purpose in life is to help people and communities grow stronger together.
* Community * Accountability * Inclusion * Stewardship * Courage *